Choosing Less - Incorporating Minimalism into Your Home

Friday, November 25, 2016

This is a busy time of year.  Our calendar is booked until early January with celebrations of Christmas and last minute year end need to do's.  It is an exciting time but also a stressful time for some.

This time of year is cluttered.  There is "stuff" everywhere.  With the constant reminder of what I "have to have" I have found myself this week wanting to go and buy more stuff to add to the collection of stuff I already have.


Being on Thanksgiving break allows me time every year to take care of much needed cleaning and organizing around our home.  I have a list a mile long that I work very hard to complete.  Often times it is simple chores and a little extra deep cleaning.  I always make sure to include time to decorate for the holiday's and get in some Christmas shopping.  

I always make sure to consume

This year wasn't much different in that I had a list.  But something has happened in the process of creating this list that I wasn't expecting.  I have created a list to simplify instead of add to.  I have walked through our house and collected things to get rid of.  

We have decided, that if it isn't purposeful and beautiful to us then we need to let it go.  

We have been inspired to simplify in all areas of our life.  To clear out the clutter that belongings often bring.

I have spent some time this week researching minimalism and easy ways to start the process of pairing down and creating a refreshing and clean environment in the home.

Minimal by definition is the essentials - barely adequate or the least possible. Bringing that into the home can be a challenge that requires patience and restraint.

                                                       Source - Domino

For me personally, the quickest and most effective way for us to begin to simplify is by creating a simple space to dwell.  What I didn't realize was that I had already adapted some of the minimalist's element into our home decor.  I am inspired by designers that bring simplicity to their spaces.  Anissa at House Seven Blog has been a huge inspiration to me in my journey to pair down and achieve a simplistic home.  Her designs are timeless and stunning.  Other inspiration comes from Domino home.  A collection of the best from around the web - these photos show that anything is possible.

                  Source - Domino                                             Source - Domino

I know that the modern minimal design isn't for everyone.  Although I love the look, it's not something my husband would want all over our house.  Yet, I can still incorporate those minimalist design staples into what fits our personality.

minimalist checklist:
pair down to the essential items around the house
use of natural colors - brown, black, white, earth tones
layer less, pattern more
use live plants in and around the home
attempt decorate using items you use everyday
keep your shelving decor simple
bright, well lit spaces
for pieces you choose to keep - connect with them


I look forward to sharing with you the progress I hope to make on this journey.  I challenge you to take some time and walk through your home.  Note the things that mean something special to you.  Identify with each piece.  Make a conscience decision to choose less and in turn, live with more.     

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