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Friday, December 9, 2016

We have been in our new house a little over a year as of September.  It has been such an exciting experience to make this house our home.  Our home is a reflection of us.  Every detail is hand chosen, by us.  I think that is what draws me to decorating.  It is truly an expression of self and in our case - us.

I don't know about you, but for us, our dining room is rarely used - however, it is the first room you see when you walk into our foyer and truth be told, I would actually LOVE the opportunity to use the space.  It has serious potential.

I found a way to ignore it's emptiness for the longest time after we moved in but a couple of months ago I finally reached a point where I could no longer do that. I want our dining space to be welcoming and comfortable with just the right amount of us mixed in.  As my style has to continued to evolve, I have found that I have a taste for the vintage as well as the modern.  I am learning how to combine the two and create cozy yet dynamic spaces.  I want my guest to walk into a room and be drawn to every corner and detail.  I want every space in our home to tell a story.
Shane and I were lucky to find a beautiful table at World Market on clearance a few months ago that we are absolutely in love with.  Unfortunately, they no longer carry it but this table is similar in style but shorter in length.  I wanted to get an idea of what the combined styles would look like around it and I am in love.  The open shelving should be an easy project and I am currently on the hunt for the brackets like the ones above to give just the right about of rustic style to the room. We were able to snag an old pew from Shane's work for free.  It needs some work but I am looking forward to giving it a look like the one above.  I plan to center the room with this vintage style rug from Home Depot.  It isn't a hand made Persian rug but it fits our budget and purpose for now and I love the look of it.  The mudcloth pillow and plant stand provide the perfect amount of modern/ mid century to the space that I am looking to add.

I have two weeks off coming up very soon for Christmas break when I plan to tackle this room.  I can't wait to pull everything together!  I will be providing updates on my Instagram account as I make progress.  Happy Decorating!
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