A Simple Guide to Caring for Your House Plants

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

It's no secret, I love me some plants.  I love the simple beauty they add to any room and the health benefits they bring as well.  Many indoor plants help to purify the air and reduce carbon dioxide within the home.  They are also good for overall mental health.  Recent research supports that indoor plants can help reduce anxiety levels and improve overall well-being.  It seems like a no-brainer to me!  House plants are worth the time and investment!

I often am asked via Instagram if the plants I feature in our house are real.  In short, the answer is yes!  I have a select few that I have fallen in love with and will add to our house from time to time.  My favorites to keep around the house are the Golden Pothos, Banana Plants, Snake Plants, and the Peace Lily.  I have a few succulents around here and there too but less of those because they tend to be a little expensive!  I plan to get a few floor plants for our dining room soon as we gather items to complete this space!

The first plant I ever bought was a snake plant.  I surprised myself by taking care of it and not killing it!  I have never had much luck with flowers in the past or my poor herbs.. but house plants... y'all, they are easy to keep alive!  Since that initial plant purchase I have added to our collection bit by bit and have learned a little about basic plant care along the way.

I have compiled a few simple steps (only 4 to be exact!) to follow that will ensure your plants stay healthy and green longer!

House Plant Care Guide

  • Pick one day per week to water your plants.  I typically do this on Saturday because I am home and can water the plants.  I then place them outdoors for a few hours if the weather permits.  Nothing like some sunshine to give life to your plants! A good rule of thumb when going to water your plants is to make sure the soil is relatively dry before adding the water.  Too much water can kill your plants quickly - in some cases, less is more!
  • The above directly relates to the next important care tip - give your plants plenty of bright light.  I will bring all of my plants into the kitchen twice during the week (including that Saturday mentioned above) and leave them next to the window.  I pull up the blinds and let the sunlight do its job.  I mentioned above on Saturday I will let the plants sit outdoors for a little while after watering them.  This is a great thing to do but with caution! Most house plants will wither in direct bright light - especially during the very hot months outdoors.  The best time to give your house plants outdoor sunlight is in the morning hours or late afternoon when the sun isn't directly beaming on the leaves.  
  • Fertilize your plants every 6-8 weeks.  Yes y'all, just like humans, plants need food to help keep them healthy and full of nutrients that keep those pretty green leaves nice and shiny.  You can find liquid fertilizer at your local home improvement store.  I get mine at Home Depot and add two pumps to the larger plants I have and one to the smaller ones.  Follow this step with water to help the fertilizer soak in the soil and top it off with some unfiltered sunshine!  
  • Pruning your plants is important to help keep them from being overgrown and smothering the roots.  I do this on an as needed basis.  Every plant is different and requires different steps when it comes to pruning.  Keep the names of your house plants in a notebook so that you can refer to online guides when this time comes.  
  • Lastly, listen to your plants y'all.  I know it sounds strange but plants communicate with us by the way they look on a day to day basis.  Does your plant look wilted and droopy?  Maybe it needs water or sunlight.  Are the leaves on your plant yellowing or dying out brown?  You could be over watering or not watering enough.  Once you are in a routine with your plants you will learn what each of them need and adjust accordingly.  

Plants are living things!  They are resilient and forgiving.  Allow yourself the opportunity to learn them and enjoy their beauty!

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