DIY "Faux" Shiplap Mantel

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Our house is a builder grade space.  Updates have been made here and there by us and the previous owners (they are responsible for those beautiful shelves!!!) but there are still many parts that I would love to customize to our liking.

One thing that has always been an eyesore to me is the mantel.  It is designed to house a TV and that is not where we chose to place our big box.  That decision has haunted us - I know dramatic - since we moved in and left me somewhat restricted on what I could place over the fireplace.  Everything we hung in the big space looked too small because cut out that was placed during the build.  We also battled covering outlets and power boxes that were in place for a would be television.  

ALAS!  We needed a fix.

It is so fun to look back on old photos.  The ones above are of our living room when we first moved in our home.  I can't believe how much our style has changed in a little over a year!

I knew I wanted a light and bright space to be the focal point of the mantel but I didn't want to detract from the shelving.  We decided that a shiplap look was the way to go!  

The first step in the process was to remove the trim that was placed on the inside of the rectangle cutout.  Shane was careful not to cause any damage to the existing boards on each side and the top and bottom of the mantel.  He also cut the power and removed the socket covers and pushed the outlets into the mantel. We wanted to make sure the space was still usable for any future resident that might want their TV here! 

Next, Shane measured our space and decided on getting 2 X 8 pine boards. The sizing allowed us to keep the wooden pieces that were already on the top and bottom part of the mantel and ensure the wood would sit flush with the siding. 

Shane cut the boards in half and placed them inside the molding.  He secured each plant with his nail gun and voila! The "faux shiplap" was up!

Luckily, the previous owners were awesome and left behind all the paint that was used in the original building of the house.  We decided to use the bright white paint that was actually used on the trim throughout the house on the entire fireplace.  The color difference is huge to me!  It is so much brighter and fresher looking. 

Obviously, with a mantel refresh the living room had to follow suit.  I wanted to reflect our current style better without breaking the bank.  I made small changes by adding all white pillows, a fresh new wall hanging for texture, a circle mirror to break up the clean lines and new shelving decor.  Oh, and greens, lots of greens.  Our home is a plant loving space!!!  I am pretty smitten with the finished product.  

 There are still a few things we would like to do in here.  Mainly finding a rug to anchor the space.  I would love a fancy light fixture instead of the ceiling fan but ya know.. practicality is important too.  Regardless, we are in love with this space!!

What changes are you making around your house?  We would love to hear about them!


  1. I would love to know what color stain the shelves are!

  2. How thick are your floating shelves? I having a difficult time choosing a width.

  3. Hi. What color stain the shelves are?


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