Friday, February 24, 2017

Something has happened to us over the past few months.  It started out quiet and timid.  Discussions about our future, plans to do a few small things here and there to our home.  You know, the I'm settled in this life and it's all smooth sailing until I retire or die kind of thing.  Predictable.  Comfortable.  On the surface, it's worked for a little while.

Then, what felt like suddenly, we realized the utter need for change.  But it wasn't sudden - change has been there all along, patiently waiting for the exact moment when both sat alone in silence to hear the calling of the Lord for something so much bigger than predictable and comfortable.  We began to analyze our life thus far.  The successes, the failures, the broken hearts from broken dreams and the excitement of possibility when those dreams opened doors we didn't realize waited.  Yet when we really took time to see where we were despite all of the growth we have experienced we still found ourselves in a place that was stagnant.  Habitual.  Comfortable.

We began to realize that Jesus doesn't work in the comfortable.  His glory is seen in the struggles, in the changes, in the willingness to step out of what you thought you knew into a greater faith of what He has called of you.

We began to realize that fear itself is what holds someone back from greatness. Security, although alluring and at times necessary, can be deceiving.  This is not to knock responsibility and our basic needs as humans.  We don't believe that life is just rainbows and unicorns when you step out of your comfort zone and you can just do whatever you want and everything will be okay and you will have food on your table and shelter from the elements.  That is not where we are.

We have looked at our life, realized what we need, what we don't and begun to really seek what our purpose is.  We posed these question to ourselves, "Is this it? When I look back in 25 years is this going to be it?  Will I have fulfilled my purpose on this earth?  Will I have honored the Lord with the use of my gifts? Does my everyday make me happy?"

Our answer was a simple yet resounding, "No".

Are we scared?  Yep.  It would be inhuman to not be scared.  Stepping out of what is comfortable is terrifying. Time spent crunching numbers and making sacrifices is not comfortable.  Time spent in quiet reflection or in a moment of loud desperation - realizing that the "secure life" you have worked to build around yourself has actually contributed to keeping you from your God given purpose on this earth is punch in the gut.  It's scary.

However, Jesus molds us in the journey.  He takes every experience we have, good and bad, and with our willingness uses it for his glory.  We can rest in knowing that no time has been lost.  Together, we have come to realize the depth of our love for one another as spouses and in that, our innate desire to model our life, both as a married people and as individuals, based solely on something bigger than the status quo but instead, create a life that honors and serves Jesus.  We want to love ourselves, love people, get awkward, volunteer, serve, live with less so we can give more, we want to love Jesus with everything not just some things.

This move has been a long time coming.  What makes it so powerful for us is how quickly we have seen changes in our lives since surrendering ourselves to Him.  Through our church, our Lifegroup, our relationships, our personal growth, the tough conversations, the opportunities and the failures, through it all, we have been given eyes to see, a desire to further seek the will and purpose for our lives, and courage to step out and follow Jesus.

And so, while there will be less of our material life here on this blog, it is our hope that there will be more substance.  A patient and simple heart to encourage anyone who reads our journey, that their life is bigger than always being comfortable. And that Jesus is always waiting to carry those who step out in the faith and redeem His children with his steadfast love and promises for a life so fulfilling that it will reach beyond our wildest dreams.

We hope this encourages you and reminds you that you are loved and Jesus has a plan for you no matter your past, present or future circumstances.  Be courageous
to step out and receive His love.

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